Currently 24 and having completed a Master of Design Innovation with a specialisation in Industrial Design at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.

With this I am undertaking further study in the software engineering discipline to broaden my skills and mix the physical with the digital.

I also work with Victoria University of Wellington's School of Architecture in the development of healthcare systems and technology.

My major interests include healthcare technology research and design, socially oriented design and experimental materials - but what I'm really good at is solving other people's problems with meticulous thought and empathy


Contact me at:
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My skills include:

Design Research
Research Through Design Methods
Research For Design Methods
Critical and Analytical Thinking

Design Ideation
Sketching & Iteration Techniques
3D Scanning
CAD & Parametric Design
Mesh Editing

Design Prototyping
Traditional Fabrication
CNC Fabrication
3D Printing

Software Engineering
Android Development
Database & Querying

Design Communication
Adobe Products Ps/Ai/Id/Pr
Photo & Video Editing